The R a n t i n g W a c k o Proudly Presents...

Jack-O VS Mulder!!!

After a half decade of searching and countless encounters with aliens, vampires, mutants, monsters, government assassins, killer diseases, bad writting, and marriage to Tea Leoni, Fox Mulder has never relented in his search for the truth.

And yet, all this time... the truth has been in the hands of one man. One man who could have easily ended Mulder's Quest, had he but asked. This man is Oscar Winning Actor... Jack Nicholson!

But would Jack willingly hand over such information to Mulder? We have here an audio transcript of what might be "The Truth" or may be an attempt by some loser with too much free time to waste some space, or perhaps part of some government conspiracy to off kill some of your braincells with useless information. Either way, it's more entertaining than a "Hanson" Page.

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